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RCE Kodagu

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May, 2007
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RCE Kodagu is located in southern India, with a significant portion lying in the complex and fragile ecosystem of the Western Ghats. Two thirds of the district is covered by forest, controlled by either the government or local owners. Much of the district has coffee and spice plantations, as well as sacred groves. Agriculture is the mainstay of Kodagu's economy, and some important products include rice, finger millet, maize, pulses, oil seeds, tobacco and spices such as pepper and cardamom.

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RCE Kodagu is motivating people in its district to know, understand, appreciate and act on behalf of conservation of the environment, betterment of the lives of the people and associated values. Among its many activities, RCE Kodagu is:
  • Setting up a Kodagu Heritage Interpretation Centre to explain Kodagu's natural and cultural heritage;
  • Creating a demonstrative nursery to raise seedlings of plants that play an important role in the lives of local ethnic groups and setting up a training centre on economically viable cultivation of selected plant species;
  • Promoting nature trails in forest areas and creating a snake park to promote awareness of species that are part of Kodagu's natural landscape;
  • Establishing Village Knowledge Centres equipped with information services, alternative energy sources and capacity-building services; and
  • Starting ESD programmes in schools through eco-volunteers and eco-clubs.
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