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RCE Tongyeong

Photo Credit: RCE Tongyeong
Rce details
Republic of Korea
Date of RCE acknowledgement:
November, 2005
Description of RCE and Geographic Region:

RCE Tongyeong is located on the southern coast of the Republic of Korea. A fishing town with a population of about 130,000, Tongyeong City has a rich natural, cultural and historical heritage and comprises 151 islands, 41 of which are inhabited. Despite its fisheries-based economic growth, Tongyeong is faced with diminishing resources and population drain, which calls for a new breakthrough for development. Some of the world’s best oysters and pearls are produced in Tongyeong City, and it is a centre of tourism for these reasons as well as for its Marine National Park.

RCE Tongyeong dedicate the establishment of the Sejahtera Centre, a three-story education centre within 200,000m² RCE Tongyeong Sejahtera Centre, to serve the RCEs network in Asia-Pacific as the hub. The purpose of the Sejahtera Centre is to strengthen partnership among RCEs in Asia-Pacific and to contribute to the post UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. Currently, 23 RCEs in the Asia-Pacific region have made a commitment to participate in the Asia-Pacific RCE Sejahtera Network.

Goals and Objectives:

Since 2005, we have been working hard to spread messages of sustainable development education in partnership with RCEs in the Asia-Pacific region, and we have launched the Tongyeong Education Foundation for Sustainable Development in 2010 – 5 years after becoming an RCE to sustain our efforts. To realize the ‘Sustainable future based on learning and sharing’, we support the individuals' self-improvement and sharing efforts, explore how educational institutions can grow and flourish in affecting the ideal and hope to create a platform to serve ESD partnership in the Asia-Pacific region, as the efforts for sustainability education transcends the national border.

Organisation Hosting RCE Secretariat:

RCE Tongyeong Sejahtera Forest (local government-funded institute)

Key Partners:

Name of organisation: RCE Tongyeong
Role: Education team leader
Contact name: Ms LEE, Unji
Contact email:

Name of organisation: RCE Tongyeong
Role: Executive Programme Designer
Contact name: Ms SEO, Bomyung
Contact email:

Current Activities:
  • Bridge To the World (youth Programme)
  • ESD teacher training
  • ESD instructor training

Photo credit: RCE Tongyeong

Upcoming Activities:
  • Sejahtera Fellowship Programme
  • Sejahtera Residency Prgoramme
  • 15th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting
  • 2005 Oct: Designated as the 8th RCE
  • 2011 Mar: Establishment of RCE Tongyeong Foundation
  • 2012 Sep: 7th Global RCE conference in Tongyoeng
  • 2013 Sep: 8th Korea environmental award (Education)
  • 2014 Nov: Won the Global RCE award (Informal, Civic education)
  • 2015 May: Grand open Sejahtera Forest (Sejahtera Initiatives)
  • 2015 May: UNESCO Global Action Programme Key Partner (PN5 – Local level)
  • 2016 May: UNESCO Global Learning City Network
  • Declared as the first ESD-leading City in South Korea

Photo credit: RCE Tongyeong

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SEO Bomyung
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RCE Tongyeong 116 YongnamHaeanro, Tongyeong, Gyeongnam, Korea