RCE Skane-2015

1. Project Title: 
Pedagogical cultivation and cross disciplinary education - A applied project on young learners attitude to education and teacher transforming their teaching practice
2. Thematic area/s addressed by the project
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Other (please clarify) : 
Teaching and learning in formal school
3. Project partner contact information : 
Lund Nature School
Initiator and Funding
Main Contact: 
Anders Kjellsson, anders.kjellsson@lund.se
4. Project type
5. Project description
Provide a short description of the project including strategies, regional challenges, aims and specific project activities.: 

This project is focusing on research on and evaluation of a school project. a team of teachers at a secondary school, started a project on "Health and learning by cultivation" in August 2012. Learners in grade 6-9 have been involved.

6. Project status
On Going
Pedagogical cultivation on the school ground and window farming might be a useful method on developing young learners understanding in various school subjects, as well as in environmental issues and sustainable development. Lund Nature School is funding the school project and has invited two researchers from Malmö University to evaluate and research the school project.
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