Event Calendar

11th African Regional Meeting
Western Sydney University’s Sustainability and Resilience 2030 Decadal Strategy Launch
Online Webinar 'Empowering Students' Leadership in SDGs via Intergenerational Knowledge Transfer'
9th World Sustainability Forum
Nigerian RCE Youth Leadership Retreat
Growing Food and Community During the Pandemic
2021 RCE Dobong-gu ESD Open Seminar
10th Americas Regional Meeting
Learning for a Sustainable Future & Live at the COP MOOCs
Pre-conference Webinar - 12th Global RCE Conference
Together for Peace (T4P) Webinar II: Building Ethical and Sustainable Relations Between Humanity and Nature
7th Asia-Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum
UNU Global Seminar
Webinar: Value of Water in the Era of the SDGs
Forum: Valuing Water
Localizing SDGs Roundtable
RCE Salisbury Hosts Lecture with Dr. Arun Gandhi (Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi)
April to May
vCIES 2021: Social Responsibility within Changing Contexts
UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development
Webinar - Education for the Energy Transition: Approaches, Resources and Next Steps
Synergising ESD for 2030 Stakeholders Dialogue – Learn for our Planet, Act for Sustainability
Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (HESI) Special Event: Driving collective action for the SDGs: The role of further education
Webinar: Roadmap for the RCE Community 2021-2030: What’s Next?
Asia-Pacific Exchange Programme on Promoting Community-based Education for Sustainable Development
RCE Youth Webinar: Youth Voices on Climate Change, Action for Sustainability
World Rivers Day 2021: Asia-Pacific Forum
September to October
International SDG Challenge School Program (Quality Education) During COVID-19 Pandemic
September to February
Webinar Series to Celebrate 10 Years of RCE London: Sustainability and Beyond
The Legacy of Saskatoon's Secret Forest