RCE Chandigarh: UNDP’s SDG Action Award 2020 for Environment Sustainability

RCE Chandigarh’s lead agency Punjab State Council for Science & Technology has been honoured with a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Action Award 2020 for ‘Environment Sustainability’ from UNDP and the Government of Punjab, India for promoting Cleaner Technologies to enhance Climate Resilience Capacity in the Punjab state, India.  

The RCE has carried out pioneering work in demonstrating economically viable technological interventions to address two main grand challenges of the state:

  1. Gainful Utilization of Paddy Straw: By demonstrating technology for producing briquettes from paddy straw. Two paddy straw briquetting plants with 24 TPD capacity in District Moga, and second unit with 4-times higher capacity (100 TPD) have been set up in District Patiala in the Punjab state, India.
  2. Reducing Carbon Footprint of MSMEs: In Punjab state, 1300 MSME’s (in three years time) have adopted the following novel technologies: Zigzag firing technology in brick kilns; Efficient Air Pollution Control System in induction furnace units; and maintenance free waste heat recovery system in re-rolling mills resulting in mitigation of 5.88 lakh tonnes CO2 per annum.

Read the full report prepared by RCE Chandigarh here.