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RCE Borderlands México-USA

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December, 2016
Description of RCE and Geographic Region:

RCE Borderlands México-USA engages in community development, education for sustainable development, research, publication, knowledge dissemination, and policy implications studies for sustainable development projects in the Central and Western reaches of the México-USA borderlands. The variable areas we address include a) education and human development, b) environmental restoration & sustainable usage and, c) sustainable economic development.

We further specialise in creating education for sustainable development materials in Spanish and English to be utilised in formal, non-formal and informal educational settings. 

We have a Mobile Living Lab used to attend to schools and communities on both sides of the US-México border.  

Goals and Objectives:


RCE Borderlands México-USA seeks to help communities achieve and maintain a sustainable symbiosis between human needs, the natural environment and sustainable economic development. Policy implications studies carried out on each of our projects aim to help ensure structural changes designed to honour the human community and the natural environment in order to guarantee the wellbeing of both. 

Organisation Hosting RCE Secretariat:

We are Living Lab/Centro de Diálogo y Transformación Inc., a donation-eligible non-profit charitable corporation registered in the state of Arizona and active on both sides of the México-US Border. Our headquarters are located in Chihuahua, México.  

 ACC: 2101940-4. EIN: 82-4538306



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Current Activities:

RCE Borderlands México-USA engages in community development, environmental restoration and sustainable usage, and sustainable economic development on both sides of the México-US border using an approach known as Transformational Research (López C., Hoffmann-Esteves & Cordero-Hidalgo, 2018).

First, we seek to serve the community by helping people to evaluate the challenges and the potential for sustainable development in their locality.  We seek funding support to assist their transformation toward economic revitalization, human development and environmental wholeness.  As projects are implemented, we conduct ongoing monitoring and evaluation as each community moves toward their stated goals and objectives.  The outcomes from each project are published and disseminated in the popular and the academic press.  Policy implications studies are dervied from each project and they are presented to relevant legislative bodies in order to help institutionalize the local, national and global movement toward truly sustainable and inclusive development.

Current Projects include:

CURRENT PROJECT 1. The Mobile Living Lab as a Driver for Sustainable Community Development: Environmental, economic and human wellbeing along the Sustainability Corridor in Chihuahua, Mexico

CURRENT PROJECT 2. Transformation Press: Publications for Sustainable Development

CURRENT PROJECT 3. Living Lab/Centro de Diálogo y Transformación: Sustainable Development Interpretive Centre

CURRENT PROJECT 4. Socioemotional Development as Sustainable Development: ‘México Insurgente Secondary School’ in El Molino Namiquipa, Chihuahua México

CURRENT PROJECT 5. Sowing Food Security, Local Production & Consumption: Students’ organic garden at México Insurgente Secondary School, El Molino Namiquipa, Chihuahua México

CURRENT PROJECT 6: From Poverty to Plenty: El Ranchero Solidario Farmer’s Cooperative in Anáhuac, Chihuahua México

CURRENT PROJECT 7. Ejido Favela Museum, Organic Agriculture Demonstration Site, Art Gallery, Store and Bustillos Lake Restoration Centre

CURRENT PROJECT 8. "Include me!"- "¡Ne si asimera!" Indigenous Education with the Rarámuri Community in Guazapares Municipality, Chihuahua México

CURRENT PROJECT 9. Technical Vocational Education and Training at Cecytech Preparatory School in Témoris, Chihuahua México

CURRENT PROJECT 10. “Agriculture and Evolution” Bio-intensive Organic Agriculture Demonstration Site in Bachíniva, Chihuahua México

CURRENT PROJECT 11. Interactive Library and Living Lab, through the Municipal Presidency in Bachíniva, Chihuahua México

CURRENT PROJECT 12. “Plan México Zero Hunger” Demonstration Site and Learning Centre in Santa Isabel, Chihuahua México

CURRENT PROJECT 13. Living Lab/ Knowledge Production, Restoration and Sustainable Usage of Soil and of Water Resources in the Mexicali-Calexico Border Region

CURRENT PROJECT 14: Business beyond Borders

CURRENT PROJECT 15. Reduce, Reuse & Recycle for a Sustainable World: Trainings for restoring vintage objects, antiques and art at the Museum of Paleontology Laboratory in Delicias, Chihuahua México

Recent publications include:

86) López C., Carolina & Aguilar-Cano, Cecilia, A. “Dual Education and Strategic Alliances for Workforce Training and Social Mobility in Chihuahua, México” in Dual Education and Corporate Responsibility. Public-Private Alliances for Social Mobility. UNESCO: Paris (In Press).

85) López C., Carolina, Nayar, A.K., Rodríguez, I. y Cordero-Hidalgo, A. (eds). (2018).  United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Teachers’ Resource Book. Living Lab/Centro de Diálogo y Transformación. Transformation Press: Chihuahua.

84) López C., Carolina. (2018). “Contributions of Regional Centre of Expertise: Borderlands México-USA's Collaborators in Health, Sanitation and Nutrition in Their Localities” in Innovation in Local and Global Learning Systems for Sustainability - Ensure Healthy Lives and Promote Well-being for All Experiences of Community Health, Hygiene, Sanitation and Nutrition- Learning Contributions of the Regional Centres of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development, UNU-IAS, Payyappallimana, Unnikrishnan & Zinaida Fedeeva (eds). United Nations University- Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability: Tokyo, pp. 22-31.

83) López C., Carolina, Hoffmann-Esteves, H. y Cordero-Hidalgo, A. (2018). “Transformational Research: Community Engagement Methods & Strategies of the Living ab/Centro de Diálogo y Transformación- RCE Borderlands México-USA” in Academia and Communities- Engaging for Change. Payyappallimana, Unnikrishnan & Zinaida Fedeeva (eds). United Nations University- Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability: Tokyo.

82) Nayar, Ajitha K., López C., C., Srikirupa, K. (2017). Capacity Building in Sustainability Practices (CBSP) through Integrated Curricular Models.” Tools of the Emerging Knowledge Society for Creating a Sustainable Future. Mar Theophilus: Trivandrum.

81)  López C., Carolina. (2015). “Interfaith Relations in Malaysia: moving beyond Muslims versus ‘others’, in Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Malaysia. Meredith L. Weiss (ed). Pp. 324-336. Routledge: London.

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