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RCE Denmark

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Date of RCE acknowledgement:
January, 2011
Description of RCE and Geographic Region:

In Denmark we are only one RCE, and functions as an NGO. We are working for national and international networking for implementing and developing education and sustainable development. We are placed in the Northern part of Europe and we are closely related to the Nordic countries.

The network is open for all interested in education and integration and fusion of sustainable issues like environment, social relation, ethics, economic and how to change the development in a sustainable direction. We are open for educators, scientists, NGOs, officials and others with interests in education.

Photo credit: RCE Denmark

Goals and Objectives:

RCE Denmark will act as a national and international powerful centre for praxis oriented and related research and development of education and sustainable development not only within a single education but also across different educational sectors.

Organisation Hosting RCE Secretariat:

We have a board and no secretariat. Board members are selected among members and key partners of RCE. The RCE is working because different board persons have different roles and act as a networking organisation.

Key Partners:

A few are mentioned here – please check the website for more.

Name of organisation: DTU – The Danish Technical University – Aalborg University
Contact name: Michael Søgaard Jørgensen
Contact email:

Name of organisation: Danish School of Education
Contact name: Jeppe Læssøe, Chairman
Contact email:
Contact name: Nikolaj Noel Christensen
Contact email:

Name of organisation: ViA – University College
Contact name: Jeppe Kiel Christensen
Contact email:

Name of organisation: NEXT – Vocational Training Centre
Contact name: David Rangan
Contact email:

Name of organisation: Eco net  
Contact name: Lars Myrthu-Nielsen
Contact email:

Name of organisation: NGO – 2030 Schools
Contact name: Kristine Fjord Tolborg
Contact email: 

Name of organisation: Teach First Danmark
Contact name: Ditte Louise Weldingh
Contact email:

Name of organisation: Kijani Institute 
Contact name: Niels Larsen
Contact email:

Current Activities:
  • After work meetings and discussions about SDG and ESD with different themes and content.
  • Workshops and day meetings called SKUB (Push).
  • Different members of RCE make talks and presentations for different audience like schools, institutions, social groups.
  • Development of and introducing a National Strategy in Denmark for education and sustainable development. We have talked with all political parties and now we are waiting for the Ministry of Education to act.
  • Development and implementation of sustainable carpenter education in the biggest Vocational Education, NEXT in Denmark.

Photo credit: RCE Denmark

Upcoming Activities:
  • Continuing and realisation of a National Strategy for Education and sustainable development in all educations in Denmark.
  • Currently working on networking between all education – public and private on more streamline implementation of education and sustainable development for compulsory schools, secondary schools, further education, university and adult education. Education, 'Folkeoplysning', for more than a century a very strong anti-authoritarian trend in the Nordic countries, and over the years an extremely important tool for grass-roots movements of all kin.
  • Development and pilot project called Practical Partnerships between vocational education schools in Denmark and Kenya working with the SDGs.
  • Establishing a knowledge webpage for information and communication about news within education for sustainable development for all kinds of education and NGO activities. A National place for educational material, research, cases, books and more.
  • For education: Sustainable Development Goal 15.2.1: Progress towards sustainable forest management. See also 'TAKING ROOT – the vision of Wangari Maathai' by Lisa Merton RCE Denmark, who has produced this documentary about the forests in Kenya.
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Contact Details
Main RCE Contact:
Jeppe Læssøe, Chairman
Secondary RCE Contact:
Nikolaj Noel Christensen
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Trine Alette Panton,
for RCE Denmark
Phone: +45 21900996