Webinar Series Report - ESD Action in COVID-19 Era: Experiences of RCEs of Asia-Pacific Region

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, and inspired by the Asia-Pacific RCE Coordinating Committee, RCE Srinagar in cooperation with RCE Greater Western Sydney organised a coordinated webinar series titled 'ESD Action in COVID-19 Era: Experiences of RCEs of Asia Pacific Region'. The aim of these virtual forums, held over three webinars in May and June 2020, was to reconnect with the RCE community to learn from each other about how each RCE is responding to this pandemic.

The series of RCE presentations from these webinars have been condensed into a post-event report with contributions from 37 RCEs and key members of the RCE community. This report highlights the impacts of the pandemic on local communities including health, food security and education challenges. However, in the midst of these changes, it also opened up greater opportunities for collaboration, inter-RCE collaboration and the sharing of skills and knowledge. The report also highlights RCEs’ efforts to support the global SDG framework. Read the report here.