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Draft Report on 3rd African RCE Continental Meeting

RCE Minna in collaboration with the National Universities Commission (NUC) and the Global RCE Service Centre convened the 3rd African RCE Continental Meeting in Abuja on 20-21 August 2013. Over 100 participants drawn from African RCEs, National Universities Commission, the Global RCE Centre and the Niger State government attended the meeting. The first day of the meeting examined development and achievements of African RCEs with regard to community-engaged research. Specifically, the role of African RCEs and Nigerian universities in promoting community-engaged research were highlighted through three keynote addresses, technical presentations and open discussions. On the second day, participants held policy dialogues with the Governor of Niger State to identify ways of mobilising resources for widespread ESD implementation in Africa. Issues related to RCE expansion in Africa and updates on ongoing community-engaged research projects formed the main agenda of open discussions amongst RCE actors towards the end of the meeting. A total of 14 African RCEs were represented at the discussion. In general, the Abuja meeting succeeded in increasing visibility of African RCEs and Nigerian universities in the implementation of ESD. It provided a useful forum for ESD advocacy and sharing of case studies on community-engaged research. The National Universities Commission provided venue, accommodation and food to the RCE participants. The Government of the Niger State funded a welcome dinner, conference materials, publicity and souvenirs. The United Nations University through the Global RCE Service Centre provided travel support to representatives from 10 RCEs.

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