Presentations and Minutes

Wednesday, 23 November (Day 1)


Opening Session

Minutes Presentation Speech



Highlights of the RCE Community Development

Minutes Presentation



Strategic Discussion Part I: Panel discussion on RCEs’ reflections on transformation and change through education

Presentation here



Field Visit Orientation


Cacao Farm (Coklat), Kotagede

Development of homemade chocolate from a cacao farm in Gunung Kidul

The cultural heritage of building and handcrafting in Kotagede

Presentation Cacao Farm here here


Wanagama, Kampoeng Batik Wukirsari Bantul

A community development based tropical forest in Wangama, Gunung Kidul

Making kompoeng (community) batik in Wukirsari, Bantul


Nglanggeran, PIAT Berbah

An ecotourism village in Nglanggeran, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta

An integrated farming system model in Pusat Inovasi AgroTeknologi Brebah

Minutes session here


Agrotourism Samigaluh, Kalibawang

Agro-based Community –University engagement in Samigaluh

Agro- based community development in Kalibawang Progo


Code, Tourist Village Pentingsari Cangkringan Sleman

Learning about the community-based river restoration in Yogyakarta

Sustainable Tourism in Pentingsari Cangkringan, Sleman



Strategic Discussion Part II: Guide to Global Initiatives – contributions from RCEs to GAP/SDGs



Continental Reflections



Minutes and Presentation



Minutes and Presentation






Minutes and Presentation



Reflections and Discussion


Thursday, 24 November (Day 2)


RCEs’ Engagement with Sustainability Processes by Theme

Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP)



Presentations: UGM Community Engagement  Alternative Food Systems (RCE Lithuania)


Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services, and Traditional Knowledge

Minutes and Presentation


Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction



Presentations: UNU-IAS CEE Himalayas Philip Vaughter (UNU-IAS) Irina Safitri Zen (UTM)


Capacity Building for Educators

Minutes Presentation


Policymakers Roundtable











Presentations: UNU-IAS UNU-IAS, RCE Bogota RCE Chennai RCE Yogyakarta RCE Greater Portland RCE Greater Western Sydney RCE Kano RCE Thiruvanathatpurman RCE Tianjin RCE Tongyeong


Higher Education

Methodology and Framework Minutes Presentation



Minutes Presentation 


Policy Support

Minutes Presentation Carolina Lopez Mario Tabucanon


Reflection and Discussions by Theme

SCP, Climate / DRR, Biodiversity/TK, Capacity Building Educators, Policymakers, Migration

Health, Youth, Higher Education, TVET, Policy Support



RCE Assessment as Learning and Empowerment

Minutes   Learning Start-Up Toolkit



Communication Strategy for RCEs

Minutes and Presentation


Friday, 25 November (Day 3)


Strategic Discussion Part III: Hopes for RCE Contributions to the Global Sustainability Agenda




Recap of the Conference   Action Points  Dr. Suratman (RCE Yogyakarta)


Global Image Video: