Asia-Pacific SDG Youth Challenge Commences

The first youth-led Asia-Pacific SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Challenge, supported by the RCE network, commenced in February with 30 youth-led projects submitted across 12 RCEs, as well as three ESD-related projects from UNESCO.

During the challenge, youth across the globe will focus on SDG 13: Climate Action and SDG 14: Life Below Water to mobilise on-ground activities in their local region.

Projects range from youth camps, school expos and forums, forest nurseries, rubbish clean ups, filming documentaries and more. Projects are due to run until mid-August, with a global virtual youth conference scheduled online for the week of 24th September, 2018, where participating youth will have the opportunity to share their projects with a global audience.

Participants who have submitted projects include:

•             RCE Bogota, Colombia

•             RCE Cebu, Philippines

•             RCE Central Semenanjung, Malaysia

•             RCE Delhi, India

•             RCE Gippsland, Australia

•             RCE Greater Pwani, Kenya

•             RCE Greater Western Sydney, Australia

•             RCE Penang, Malaysia

•             RCE Tasmania, Australia

•             RCE Thiruvananthapuram, India

•             RCE Tongyeong, Republic of Korea

•             RCE Yogyakarta, Indonesia

•             UNESCO, Vietnam

•             YESPeace Pakistan (‘Youth for Education, Sustainability and Peace’), supported by UNESCO

•             World Youth Foundation, Malaysia

This Asia-Pacific SDG Challenge is led by the Asia-Pacific Lead Youth Focal Points, Brittany (RCE Greater Western Sydney) and Emmy (RCE Yogyakarta).