RCE Greater Nairobi-2014

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A public University whose mission is to train high skilled human capital for the Kenyan society and beyond
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Dr Mary Otieno - lecturer of educational planning and policy studies and coordinator RCE Greater Nairobi i email- otieno80@rocketmail.com
5. Project description
Provide a short description of the project including strategies, regional challenges, aims and specific project activities.: 

Kenyatta university environmental club is a club registered within Kenyatta University with the dean of students affairs. The club is among the oldest clubs within the university, formed in 1992 by environmental science students and has been operational since then.

The main objective of the student club is nurturing environmentally sensitive issues, educate, manage, conserve, protect and sustain the entire environment within and outside the university; individuals and the entire community at large. The club registers members every semester and subscription for membership renewal involves students from different departments who become the members.

Some of the activities are as follows:

• Tree Planting at The Ngong forest on World Environmental Day)

• Conducted lecture talk on Climate Change with MULTILINK COMPANY.

• Planted two hundred tree seedlings within Kenyatta University, through the partnership of Kenya International Conference Center (KICC) AND GREEN AFRICA FOUNDATION. (Marking Environmental day).

• Kenyatta University Community clean - up at Githurai Kimbo area.

• Training on Farming input in Africa.

• Leadership training on animal welfare workshops.

Also recent activity include online engagement in sustainability literacy tests by students.

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6. Project status
On Going
KUNEC has been involved in the following activities
- King and Queen Environment competition at Nairobi National Museum: June 2014
- Launch of Green Eco schools in Mukuru Kwa Njenga in Nairobi County 2014
- Tree planting engagement on environmental days in Nairobi County
- Clean-up activities in Kenyatta university environs with community participation
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