RCE Trang - 2023

(2022-2023) Follow Father's Footsteps, Continuing the sufficiency economy “Phase 1: Model Community, Sufficiency Way”
Basic Information
Title of project : 
(2022-2023) Follow Father's Footsteps, Continuing the sufficiency economy “Phase 1: Model Community, Sufficiency Way”
Submitting RCE: 
RCE Trang
Contributing organization(s) : 
Community in Trang City Municipality
Prince of Songkhla University
Focal point(s) and affiliation(s)
Dr.Sanya Srivichian, Mayor of Trang City Municipality
Organizational Affiliation: 
Trang City Municipality
Format of project: 
picture newsletter presentation of knowledge about sufficiency economy “4S model for success, quality of life in the community”
Language of project: 
Date of submission:
Thursday, July 27, 2023
Additional resources: 
Trang City Municipality website : http://www.trangcity.go.th/
Geographical & Education Information
Trang, Thailand
Socioeconomic and environmental characteristics of the area : 
Trang Municipality is characterized by urbanization. The population
lives quite densely, growth in both economy and society. Economic characteristics are services, agriculture, livestock, tourism, industry, commerce, resources and the environment with water sources, swamps, canals, ponds, wells, public parks, Phraya Ratsadanupradit Mahison Phakdi Monument, Somdet Phra Srinagarindra 95 Public Park, Sa Kapang Surin Public Park, Sangkhawit Public Park, Tubthiang Public Park. Trang Municipality places importance on sustainable development in order to conserve economic, social and environmental conditions in the future. By embracing the sufficiency economy philosophy that King Rama IX promoted sustainable lifestyles for people in urban communities and encouraged urban vegetable gardens. There are benefits in many ways, such as planting , making communities greener, resulting in good weather conditions. Restoration of adequate and safe amounts of food intakes sufficient and safe, better health and have a better ecosystem. It is an activity that can be relaxed during staying at home and build a career to generate income for the people. An innovative city for a sustainable quality of life. According to the policy to solve poverty, develop people and cities.
Description of sustainable development challenge(s) in the area the project addresses: 
Development Trang Municipality to be “City of Innovation for Sustainable Quality of Life” by introducing the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy. The philosophy that King Rama 9 (His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej The Great) Guided the way of life for Thai people. Sufficiency means moderation, rationality, having a good immune system against impacts caused by internal and external changes. It relies on knowledge, prudence, and caution in applying various academic disciplines. used in planning and implementing every step. At the same time it must strengthen the mental foundation of people in the community, especially government officials and the public sector at all levels to be conscious of morality, honesty and appropriate knowledge. To live with patience, perseverance, mindfulness, wisdom and prudence to be balanced and ready to accommodate rapid and widespread changes in material, social, environmental and cultural aspects from the outside world as well. Development by encouraging people to apply the concept of the sufficiency economy philosophy to cover all communities which will strengthen communities and be self-reliant sustainably.
October, 2022
To promote and support the community to have model houses with self-sufficiency in the community and develop them as a learning resources. This leads to the establishment a sufficiency economy learning center in the community by applying various innovations to maximize the benefits for the people with sustainable happiness in the future.
1. To enable the community to apply the philosophy of sufficiency economy to their daily lives.
2. To allow the community to lead a model house in a sufficiency way according to the philosophy of sufficiency economy and develop as a source of learning to be a medium for relaying knowledge. And it is an example of a practice guideline for people in the community to be able to be self-reliant in a sustainable way.
3. To strengthen in the community.
4. To promote careers and increase incomes for the people in the community to be happy.
Activities and/or practices employed: 
Phase 1( 4 Steps for Success to Quality Community )
1. Training activities to educate the principles of sufficiency economy philosophy and clarify guidelines to select model houses on a sufficiency way.
2. Sample house selection activity on a self-sufficient way
3. Activity to give a sample house sign on a sustainable way
4. Establishment a sufficiency economy learning center
Size of academic audience: 
People in Trang (640,000)
1. People in the community have knowledge and understanding how to apply the philosophy of sufficiency economy in everyday life.
2. The community has taken a model house in accordance with the philosophy of sufficiency economy to develop as a source of learning and is a medium for relaying knowledge and be an example of community practice in the future.
3. The community can be self-reliant and generate income for the people in the community.
4. People in the community have occupations and additional income for their families to be self-reliant with love and unity.
Lessons learned: 
4S model for success, community quality of life has introduced a guideline to drive the quality of life in the community according to the principles of the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy. Feeding people with self-reliance, awareness to learn and take action lead to income generation and expand the network of model houses in a sustainable way of self-sufficiency as follows:

4S Model for Success, Community Quality of Life (4 Steps for Success Model)
1. Seminar to training (training seminars) to educate and understand sufficiency economy philosophy and clarification of the guidelines for selecting a model house of sufficiency way.
2. Selecting a model house of sufficiency way
3. Signboard house Model (give a sample house sign according to the self-sufficient way)
4. Sufficiency Economy Learning Center (sufficiency economy learning center and model community vegetable garden)
Key messages: 
Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy, Model 4S for Success, Community Quality of Life
Relationship to other RCE activities: 
Trang City Municipality
References and reference materials: 
UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
(https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/sdgs) and other themes of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)
SDG 1 - End poverty in all its forms everywhere 
SDG 2 - End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture 
SDG 3 - Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages 
SDG 4 - Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all 
SDG 6 - Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all 
SDG 7 - Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all 
SDG 8 - Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all 
SDG 11 - Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable 
SDG 12 - Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns 
SDG 13 - Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts 
SDG 15 - Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification and halt and reverse land degradation, and halt biodiversity loss 
SDG 16 - Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels 
Traditional Knowledge  
Curriculum Development 
Plants & Animals 
ESD for 2030-Priority Action Areas
Priority Action Area 1 - Advancing policy 
Priority Action Area 2 - Transforming learning and training environments 
Priority Action Area 3 - Developing capacities of educators and trainers 
Priority Action Area 4 - Mobilizing youth 
Priority Action Area 5 - Accelerating sustainable solutions at local level 
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