BUMA Farm Story - methodoloogy

Just to share the pragmatic approach used to justify the project. We have borrowed from manufacturing the 12 step Kaizen methodology used for continuous improvement. We are yet to verify results,Standardization then future themes. Please let me have comments.

Copernicus Alliance Conference 2014

Dear Colleagues,

may I attrack your attention to the next Copernicus Alliance Conference. As we agreed in Nairobi the european RCE try to meet in the frame of conference of common interests. The Copernicus Alliance is one of these occasions. So, please, register and meet members of other RCE and make friendship.

Best wishes


COPERNICUS Alliance Conference - REGISTRATION DEADLINE extended to 15th December 2013

COPERNICUS Alliance Conference

My Carbon Footprint Vs Handprint

In order to promote Education for Sustainable Development in schools, Punjab State Council for Science & Technology has developed an Activity Book for students which provides children an opportunity to assess their daily habits with respect to use of water, electricity, transportation, food and waste management. A sample chapter on water is uploaded.

RCE Global Youth Network_RCE Kakamega Western Kenya

RCE Global Youth Network

RCE Kakamega Western Kenya is a network of existing formal, non-formal and informal education organisations, mobilised to deliver education for sustainable development (ESD) to local and regional communities of Kakamega County, Bungoma County, Busia County and Vihiga County in Kenya. It is hosted and Coordinated by Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST). The contact person is Ombajo Misava Edward- Main contact and Angule Gabriel is the Alternate contact. The RCE has implemented a number of activities in which youth are involved.

Draft Report on 3rd African RCE Continental Meeting

RCE Minna in collaboration with the National Universities Commission (NUC) and the Global RCE Service Centre convened the 3rd African RCE Continental Meeting in Abuja on 20-21 August 2013. Over 100 participants drawn from African RCEs, National Universities Commission, the Global RCE Centre and the Niger State government attended the meeting. The first day of the meeting examined development and achievements of African RCEs with regard to community-engaged research.

Child Welfare & Security - Case Study

Dear Colleagues,
I have had to suggest this topic for conference discussion,due to rising child death in
unstable families. As i will outline briefly, the most endangered child that stands to
loose life, is not one who is in streets as parking boy, or one who is in garbage damp site,
but is the one in unstable family. I will give few instances of few cases

'Nanny stabs 2 children to death' - New York, Jacqui Goddard - Miami - 27 Oct 2012.
Reason fro stabbing given as sense of identity syndrome.