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RCE West Sweden

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December, 2012
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RCE West Sweden is based in Västra Götaland (West Sweden), an area large enough to encompass great variety yet small enough to enable close connections. The region was represented in a UNESCO publication launched at Rio +20 as a model for network-based learning for sustainable development, linking formal, in-formal and non-formal ESD actors. Currently 22% of the population is engaged in non-formal education, while 13% attend university studies. Today a societal transformation towards more sustainable ecological, social and economical futures is the most challenging task for all actors and a lot more needs to be done in West Sweden to achieve this goal. The RCE strives to integrate local educational traditions with innovative leaning and enterprise, balancing continuity with transformation.

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RCE West Sweden envisions a broad, deep and complex network connecting actors from all over the region collaborating to diminish the ecological footprint of the region, increase social welfare and find economic tools that support these aims. The RCE has well-functioning information and communication technologies and an established research centre. As a result of innovative encounters and increasing action among partners, there are several new projects and activities currently ready to launch. RCE West Sweden and its partners share a strong feeling of agency and commitment to transformative actions.

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