thematic areas

MetESD - Methods for ESD-competencies and curricula
ACEWild - Alternative Curriculum Education out of the Wild
EDUfootprint School Low Carbon Footprint in Mediterranean cities
[Community Empowerment] Creation of Demand and Supply for Planting Materials Derived from Rembau Community College (KKR) Plant Tissue Culture Lab (2016)
[Experiential Learning] Edu-Tourism through SainsCakna@Faculty Science Program (2016)
[Sustainable Living] Capturing a Living Heritage Village: Safeguarding Kampung Hakka of Mantin, Negeri Sembilan (2016)
[Community Empowerment] Agro Business for Urban Community (2016)
[Sustainable Living] Waste Free for My School (2016)
Srikandi Sungai Indonesia (Indonesian Women in River): promoting women, youth and children to support Indonesian river restoration movement