Climate Change

HESI organises COP21 Side Event at UNESCO Headquarters

14 October 2015, UNESCO Headquarters

The public seminar ‘From Rio to Paris: Higher Education for Climate Change Action’, on 14 October 2015, was recognized as the official side event of the XXI Session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC (COP21). The meeting was attended by representatives of the Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (HESI) and chaired by Prof Dzul Razak, the President of the International Association of Universities (IAU).


RCE Iskandar co-organizes the International Conference of Low Carbon Asia (ICLCA)

RCE Iskandar with the support of IGES (Institute of Global Environmental Strategies), Japan, successfully organized the International Conference of Low Carbon Asia (ICLCA) hosted by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and held in conjunction with the 4th Annual Meeting of LoCARNet (Low Carbon Asia Research Network) in Johor Bahru, 11-12 October 2015.


Cycle Logistics - an example of a successful business model tackling climate change by Jos Hermans

The European Union is finally officially acknowledging the importance of cycling as a climate-friendly means of transport (see EU Declaration of Cycling as a means of climate-friendly transport). The Declaration's action plans invites local, regional and national focal points on cycling as a means of transport.

Global RCE Youth Video Project for COP21

Dear Collegues/Coordinators,

Please see the attached document which describes an initative of the Global RCE Youth Network. If you have not received the document last month please read it. 

We request RCE Coordinators to identify leading youth in their RCE community to record a short video (total 1 minute) of themselves answering the following questions. We ask RCE Coordinators to work with the youth to help them frame their answers.

RCE Penang Webinar - Linking ESD, Climate Change Education and Disaster Risk Reduction Education (10 April 2015, 2-3pm UTC+8)

RCE Penang is delighted to invite you to this webinar focused on embedding Education for Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction in primary and secondary education:

Title       Linking Education for Sustainable Development, Climate Change Education and Disaster Risk Reduction Education

Speakers: David Selby and Fumiyo Kagawa (Sustainability Frontiers, UK/Canada)