Webinar to Mark 'International Mountain Day' (IMD) 2020

Co-hosted by RCE Kuching and RCE Srinagar, supported by RCE East Kalimantan, RCE East Java (candidate) and RCE Kyrgyzstan, a webinar to mark ‘International Mountain Day’ 2020 will be held on 11 December, 2020. Besides creating awareness on mountains, the webinar will strengthen the capacity of the RCE community on ‘Disaster Risk Reduction and Crisis Management’.

RCE Kano Digital Youth Forum for Sustainability and Youth Leadership Conference: Recordings and Presentation Slides Now Available

Organised by RCE Kano, the Sustainability and Youth Leadership Conference was held from 1-2 November, 2020 with more than 170 registrants for the two-day event.

The second Digital Youth Forum focused on leadership, and was designed to complement the first Conference held in October 2020, empowering youth to take leadership roles in promoting and driving the SDGs.


Europe and China: Global Trendsetters in Sustainable Development?

This seminar series is aimed at experts, academia and those in the general public interested in sustainable development. The series is structured into four online sessions that focus on the (1) internationally agreed global goals and their implementation in the COVID-19 era, (2) the European Union and China as global trendsetters in sustainable development, as well as transforming (3) China's and (4) Germany's economies and societies towards sustainability. The topics cover economic, social and environmental aspects. Each seminar can be attended as a single event.

RCE Central Semenanjung Hosts Sustainability Webinar Series

As the world adapts to the new normal, which affects all three pillars of sustainable development, RCE Central Semenanjung through one of its core centres - Universiti Malaya Sustainability & Living Labs Secretariat (UMSLLS) have created a platform, the 'UMSLLS Sustainability Webinar Series' for discussions on related issues.


10th African Regional Meeting Highlights Community-Based Resilience During COVID-19

The 10th African RCE Regional Meeting was held virtually (online), on 1 September and 15 September, 2020 under the theme 'Community-Based Resilience during Pandemic Disruption: The Role of African RCEs'. Hosted by RCE Minna, the two-part event saw 63 participants from 17 RCEs across 8 countries across the region attend.

LSBU Sustainability & Climate Action Event Series - Part Two

"Consumer culture & behaviour. The impact of fashion on the climate emergency. The circular economy. Extinction governance. The role of education on the Sustainable Development Goals. Economics in a post-Covid world. How our living spaces and gardening can affect our mental health. Christmas shopping & cultural holidays. Sustainable wellbeing - how we need to look after ourselves in AND the protect the planet."